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Friday May 17th, 2024

Functional Active Release

There are so many tools to choose from when addressing MSK problems and particularly muscle components of the case in hand.

Many manual therapists already use myofascial release, ART, deep soft tissue, inhibition pressure points, acupressure, functional technique, massage and many more.

FAR is quite different as the patient is involved all the way through the assessment and treatment phases as well as the rehabilitation exercise phase. This means the patient and their feedback help manage the process more closely and allow for a bespoke programme of care with easy to measure outcomes.

This in turn helps practitioners know if their approach is working. An adaptive and individual form of physical therapy, loved by patients and their therapists. Ideal for chronic stiffness, improving strength and flexibility, through muscle activation and release.


All students must have a good understanding of anatomy, as well as the clinical reasoning skills to put the training into practice appropriately. A list of those who are automatically eligible to attend is shown on the right.

Other therapists, including students of osteopathy or chiropractic, might also be eligible - please let us know if you would like to attend, and we will confirm with the tutor.

This course is ideal for:


About The Trainer

Robin Lansman

Robin Lansman is a hugely experienced osteopath. He has been practising for 35 years and has taught Exercise and Rehabilitation Osteopathy – FAR  to both Undergraduates and Post graduates across the UK and Europe.

He regularly is asked for media interviews, sharing his passion for his work on BBC Radio and TV.

His approach has evolved over the years and spans a holistic assessment methodology which embraces a range of biomechanical models to benchmark progress and rehabilitate patients. The hands on FAR approach combines the best of other soft tissue release approaches, producing fast and effective changes that also engage the patient fully in their recovery. This is also combined with bespoke muscle activation exercises that allow patients to feel empowered and motivated.

He has represented his Profession as Institute of Osteopathy President and has carried forward that role, into Coaching for the Council of Deans of Health Leadership Programme as well as being an active Trustee of the Institute Of Health Promotion and Education.

This very practical workshop aims to enhance the holistic assessment and care of LBP and Sciatica

The workshop is informed by the NICE Guidelines for LBP and Sciatica, it will explore the various types of Mechanical Sciatica and demonstrate a protocol for both treatment and remedial/rehab exercise.

This will be based on a greater understanding of all the mechanical components that create the individual presentations of “sciatica”.

This is a 1-day course. The total fee is £195.

Spring discount! Save £30 - book before 29th March.

To make things easier, you can pay in 2 monthly instalments of £72.50.

Full Members, make sure you're logged in to activate an automatic £10 discount.

The day will start at 9:30am and finish at about 5:00pm, with refreshment breaks and an hour or so for lunch. Lunch is not provided, but within a 2-minute walk, there are various shops, including a bakery, Co-op and coffee shops.


Academy of Physical Medicine
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The entrance is from the car park at the rear (you'll see our sign). There's lots of free parking nearby, including our car park.  Please use the bays labelled 'Ashgrove Clinic' first. Nobody else is using the car park at the weekend.
We can also provide you with details of local accommodation, should you need it.


Our policy is that we cannot guarantee a refund should you cancel later than one month before the course starts. That said, we understand that circumstances change and problems can arise which are out of your control. We'll do everything we can to fill your place, and if we're successful, then we'll refund your fee.

Similarly, if funds are an issue, let us know and we'll try to find a way to help.


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