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Of course you don't NEED anything more on your academic plate.

But The Academy is a fantastic forum for interacting with other osteopaths and chiropractors outside the narrow confines of your college.

We're also a great source of down-to-earth, independent advice on a whole host of topics.  Those could be medical questions, queries about how best to go about setting up your own practice, where to get the best value malpractice insurance or any number of other concerns.  

After you graduate, it'll probably take you a while to settle in to your new profession, so we keep your membership fee at the same ridiculously low rate (£6 per month) for a whole year.

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Don't miss out -  the offer's only available while you're still an undergrad!

Thank you for creating such a great service, along with the best support I have ever experienced within the Osteopathic profession. A great scope of speakers, always with useable and relevant content - delivered right to my doorstep!

Alison Bevan


APM is so good. My wife subscribes too and we both love it. A really strong recommendation to therapists to join the APM, like us.

Tim Allardyce

Accessible, knowledgeable, professional, interesting, stimulating, and down to earth osteopathic educational tool.

Osteopatía del Mar

I can’t praise them highly enough. Professional and very helpful. Interesting speakers from a wide spectrum. All in all, fantastic!

Anna Tonkin

Fantastic CPD - professional and laid back at the same time, it makes CPD enjoyable.
Many thanks to all of you!

Matthew Abbott