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 London, Greater London, Kent
David Canevaro

London-based osteopath looking for a position as a result of clinic closure



Caspar Giffard Tutt

Casper Giffard Tutt is an Osteopath seeking a position in or around Manchester. He has experience in taping, dry needling and other further skills.



Isabella Clark

Isabella Clarke is looking for a part time associate position somewhere in central London.  She graduated from the BSO in 2016 and moved to Australia where she worked for 3 years before moving back to the UK last year.  She has been running her own practice for the last 9 months (which she will continue to work at part time), but would now like to be based permanently in London. Ideally she would be working in a clinic along side other osteos and health practitioners to assist it furthering her skillset (rather than just room rental). Any CPD or group learning would be a bonus