A first aid course unlike any other


Saturday 24th February 2024
09:00 - 17:00 (Lunch: 12:30 - 13:30)

First Aid is an Essential

A first aid emergency can occur at any time.  And it’s MORE LIKELY in your clinic, because you actively invite people with problems in to see you.  And there’s no guarantee that the problem is what they think it is!

The public (and sadly, the press) need to be assured that you have the skills needed to deal with potentially life-threatening emergencies.

That's why this hands-on course is for you.

This is not like other first aid training.

Firstly, it’s taught by APM’s 2 fantastic instructors – Steven Bruce and Malcolm Parnell.

Further, it’s tailored to what you might encounter in your clinic.

It’s enjoyable – great fun, in fact (because we make it that way!)

Class size is limited, so that you get optimum supervision.

 Cost – £144 inc VAT

 Qualification  – HSE-recognised “Emergency First Aid at Work” certificate, valid for 3 years

You should all do this course, it was GREAT! It was delivered in a stimulating, educational, informative and down to earth way. It gave a clear, important message of priority and order to help those requiring first aid, and it was presented in a fun way which helped plant the facts and will be valuable for recall.
I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you so much, I feel better-armed having done this course.

Kim White

Registered Osteopath

What's Covered?

The standard one-day syllabus taught by other providers covers CPR, unconsciousness, choking, bleeding, shock and minor injuries (yes, even "small splinters"!).

This course goes way beyond that.  Our philosophy is that you need to handle whatever crops up next.

Here's what we teach in addition to the standard, syllabus:

- Anaphylaxis
- Diabetes
- Stroke
- Heart attack
- Epilepsy
- Burns and scalds
- Spinal injuries
- Pneumothorax

What's the Qualification?

You'll get an "Emergency First Aid in the Clinic" certificate, valid for three years.

On the back of your certificate, we record all the aspects of first aid that you've covered.

Why THIS Course?

This course is tailored to clinicians and clinic staff.

The scenarios are based on REAL clinic incidents, or are put into clinical context.

You'll leave this course confident in your ability.

Most of all, this course is FUN (unlike most others!).

The Instructors

First off, there are TWO instructors - two voices, double the humour.  That makes the training much more enjoyable.

One's a former marine, now an osteopath, the other's a former paramedic. So they know their stuff!

Neither of them likes to teach "from the book" - all the topics are put into context, explained clearly.  First aid "myths" are exposed and cold-bloodedly slaughtered (the marine does that bit).

Where and When?

The course runs from 9am to 5pm (Doors will open at approximately 8.45am for registration)


This will be held at the APM studio:
APM, Charles Parker Building, Midland Road, Higham Ferrers. NN10 8DN


There’s a parking area behind the studio, and it’s free to use throughout the day.


Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout the day. PLEASE bring a packed lunch. There is within a 2 minute walk away, various shops including a bakers and the local Co-op.


Very informative, amusing and not stupidly strict!
You made me feel it was ok to use common sense!


Really well taught, clear advice. It wasn’t boring at all. Did everything that was required.


Interactive, instructive and educational.
Also funny and entertaining!


Focused on situations likely to arise in clinic not building sites. The relaxed presentation and humour made serious subjects more palatable.


Informative and relaxed- feel like I’ll actually remember the first aid taught to me- and hopefully if ever needed be able to apply it without fear.


An excellently organised course that formed a vital part of my CPD.
Couldn’t have been easier.