Live Lunchtime Learning: 13:15 – 14:00

Throughout the crisis, at least 2 free, lunchtime CPD broadcasts every month. Each one 45 minutes long – and they all count as “Learning With Others”.

Our evening programme (first Wednesday, third Tuesday), and our lunchtime case-based discussions continue as normal.

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Osteopathic & Chiropractic CPD

Online Learning With Others - But Not As You Know It!

Cutting edge, top quality CPD that saves you time and money

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What’s in it for you?

We take the sting out of doing your CPD

All your CPD requirements are covered: communication, consent, objective activities and LOTS of Learning with Others!

You just log in and enjoy regular, top-quality programmes as you build your hours 

Remove the stress and time travelling to CPD events

Online events that follow a regular schedule – you can plan your clinic and home life around your CPD.

Struggling to find all your certificates in time for your annual CPD report?

With APM, all, your certificates are stored in your profile ready for your to use or download whenever you need them.   Every certificate indicates the relevant standard in the Osteopathic Practice Standards and in the Chiropractic Code, together with the number of hours earned. There is also a draft “statement of reflection” for you to adjust as you see necessary!

For osteopaths, our CPD Plus service also keeps you on track for the new 3-year cycle, and provides you with a complete folio of all your CPD, all ordered and annotated, ready for your peer reviewer (or the auditor, of course!)

Don't have time to sit and watch a show?

We get that.  Life and clinic can be manic. But at some point, you have to set aside time for your CPD.  With APM you have the option to do this in bite-sized chunks at lunchtimes,  evenings and even some mornings, before your clinic opens.  And there’s no travel time (or cost), so much less time spent away from your family or patients.

Our programmes are regular, so they can almost all be plugged into your diary in advance.  But we also send out reminders by Messenger and email to make sure you don’t miss out.

Access to your CPD is just a few clicks away

You can watch our main CPD programmes via Facebook or through our website, on any device that has access to the internet.  Both platforms enable you to ask questions or offer your own opinions (anonymously, if you wish). 

Our case-based discussions take place over Zoom, which is a really good conferencing app, providing a safe environment for you to discuss difficult cases, share your concerns, or offer the benefit of your experience to other practitioners.

And if you find yourself in a train or stuck in traffic, as long as you have sufficient data you can watch or listen in via your phone or tablet. 

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered, saving you time, money and stress.


I’d been struggling with CPD –  I didn’t want to give up my busiest workday, Saturday, to attend meetings, but I desperately needed the hours.  I was really skeptical about APM, as I thought I’d get bored and I didn’t want to be tied in, but it’s been excellent.  The staff are really helpful, no matter what I ask, and I’m way over the hours needed.  It’s great to be learning from the comfort of my own sofa and smugly smiling to myself that I’ve met all my CPD requirements without missing time off work!

Zita Lusak

The service provided by The Academy is excellent – so helpful and friendly!  I was sceptical at first, because I was suspicious of something I didn’t know about – but I’m really impressed by the wide range of topics, the ease of access and the fact that I can nail so many CPD hours without any travelling!  The extensive archive and the lunchtime sessions are also really useful.

Recommended.  If you’re in doubt, just give the one-month trial a go and take it from there
Jolyon Livingston

What We Do…

In a nutshell...

We deliver your Osteopathic and Chiropractic CPD via the internet (think CPD chat show) which covers both “learning with others” and “Learning by oneself“.
We have a regular schedule of content along with extras which we add in where necessary.


we deliver more than treble the total amount of “Learning With Others”
required each year. That alone is almost double the total amount of CPD you need!


we don’t stop at a huge spectrum of CPD topics. We offer advice on ASA
regulations, GDPR, sales & marketing, staff contracts, websites…the list goes on. We’ve
even negotiated member discounts on clinical equipment, and we’re happy to use our
studio and film gear to make website videos (free of charge) for our members.


we deliver near TV-standard, livestreamed CPD programmes, all fully
interactive (we don’t use webinar software (such as Zoom, or Gotomeeting) for our
main CPD. That’s why we call them “broadcasts”: they’re much higher quality

Am really enjoying the live broadcasts and learning a lot.

Suzanne White

This is a really easy way to keep up your CPD hours, while also being interesting and varied and keeping you up to date with need to know changes.

Morag Christie

I love that the certificates are linked directly to our professional standards.

Lucy Gardner


Covering all your CPD requirements as set out by the GOsC and GCC

Learning with Others

All our live broadcasts (over 36 hours per year) count towards your “Learning With Others” quota.

The GCC has recently disallowed CPD relating to marketing or business-building, but only a very small proportion of our material relates to these topics.

The bulk of our live broadcasts are of direct clinical relevance.

Learning by oneself

All our live material is recorded. then posted on the website with all supporting material and a concise, text summary for you to download. 

All of these count as Learning by Oneself, and after completion of a short, confirmatory quiz lead to a personalised certificate for your CPD


It’s great to be learning from the comfort of your own sofa and smugly smiling to yourself that you’ve fulfilled all CPD requirements without missing time off work.  Go for it – you won’t be disappointed!

Zira Lisack

All your CPD can be accessed via a Computer, Tablet or Phone provided you have an internet signal!

Watch at the practice with a cup of tea or at home with a glass of wine, Your choice. Your CPD.

This is a fantastic CPD facility. Steven Bruce and his team provide a wide variety of topics and back it up with a high level of support.

Suzanne Moss

Thought provoking and relevant CPD in the comfort of your own home, great value for money.

Paul Culverhouse

I am truly impressed with the CPD offered by The Academy. Professionally run and totally relevant to our needs. Highly recommended!

Maria Porter