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All Your Concerns About the New CPD Structure – Gone!

CPDPlus brings you the peace of mind that allows you to get on with being a great osteopath. All your CPD is provided for you, covering the whole breadth of the new CPD requirements, and all the background admin taken care of by a dedicated team here at The Academy.

The new CPD structure requires you to cover specific aspects of learning (Objective Activities and Communication & Consent, in particular). You also need to make annual reports to the GOsC showing your progress, as well as engage in a peer review discussion at the end of each 3-year cycle.

The chart on the right shows how APM can take almost all the administrative weight off your shoulders, while also providing you with fantastic, wide-ranging CPD.

The 3 documents below go into greater detail, and answer your likely questions about how we can help you.

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