McTimoney Chiropractic Association FIRST AID IN THE CLINIC

10th July 2021, MCA HQ, Wallingford


First Aid is an Essential

Do you know what to do?  Are you confident?  Would your skills stand up in court?

Make no mistake – a first aid emergency can occur at any time.  And it’s MORE likely in your clinic, because you actively invite people with problems in to see you – there’s no guarantee that the problem is what they think it is!

First aid is easily forgotten because you don’t get many chances to practise it.  And the last thing you need is to be panicking when what’s required is urgent action.

That’s why this course is for you.  

Brilliantly taught by experienced instructors, they demystify first aid and make sure you remember your training throughout your 3 year qualification.

Highly practical, just a little bit scary (!) and huge, huge fun, it’s unlike any other first aid course you’ve attended.


(as at 7th June)

Why THIS Course?

This course is tailored to clinicians and clinic staff.

The scenarios are based on REAL clinic incidents, or are put into clinical context.

We support you throughout the 3 years of the qualification, including provision of monthly reminder videos to prevent skill-fade.

You’ll leave this course confident in your ability.

Most of all, this course is FUN (unlike most others!).


What's the Qualification?

You’ll get an “Emergency First Aid at Work” certificate, which is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.

That’s valid for 3 years, although the HSE suggests that you should have an annual “top-up”.  You won’t need that – we send you monthly reminders!

On the back of your certificate, we also record all the additional aspects of first aid that you’ve covered.


What's The Cost?

£120 (including VAT)



The Instructors

First off, there are TWO instructors – two voices, double the humour.  That makes the training much more enjoyable.

One’s a former marine, now an osteopath, the other’s a former paramedic. So they know their stuff!

Neither of them likes to teach “from the book” – all the topics are put into context, explained clearly.  First aid “myths” are exposed and cold-bloodedly slaughtered (the marine does that bit).


What's Covered?

The standard one-day syllabus covers CPR, unconsciousness, choking, bleeding, shock and minor injuries (yes, even “small splinters”!).

This course goes way beyond that.  Our philosophy is that you need to handle whatever crops up next.

Here’s what we teach in addition to the standard, syllabus taught by other providers:

– Anaphylaxis
– Diabetes
– Stroke
– Heart attack
– Epilepsy
– Burns and scalds
– Spinal injuries
– Pneumothorax


What Others Said

“Definitely the best first aid course I’ve attended.  Recommended.” – Kay (Chiropractor) 

“Best FA course I’ve attended.  I’d recommend to my colleagues.  – Jonathan (Chiropractor)

“Best FA course I’ve attended: Engaging, relevant, on point, well paced and excellent delivery.” – Amanda (Chiropractor)

“Ten out of ten for the instructors. Fun, easy to follow, entertaining. – Fiona (Chiropractor)

“Humour helped maintain interest, attention and focus. Fantastic printed materials. Many many thanks to Steven and Malcolm.” – Carmel (Chiropractor)