Sunday 29th November 2020
09:00 – 16:30 (Lunch: 12:30 – 13:30)

An online first aid course unlike any other



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First Aid is an Essential

A first aid emergency can occur at any time.  And it’s MORE likely in your clinic, because you actively invite people with problems in to see you.  And there’s no guarantee that the problem is what they think it is!

The public (and, sadly, the press) need to be assured that you have the skills needed to deal with potentially life-threatening emergencies.

Right now, it’s impossible to attend a hands-on course, thanks of course to coronavirus:

That’s why this course is for you.

This is not like other online first aid training.

First off, it’s taught by APM’s 2 fantastic instructors – Steven Bruce and Malcolm Parnell.

Unlike other online courses, this one is LIVE and SUPERVISED.  We also courier to you the equipment you need in order to meet all the goals of clinic first aid – that means you get better training! (and a “Learning with Others” CPD certificate).

Class size is limited to 23, so that you get optimum supervision, all of which is achieved through the live Zoom link, as well as some cunning additional technology to assess your CPR skills!


“Loved it. Felt like I learnt loads. Great instructors! Relevant to clinic but also public areas too!”

(June 2020)

Very thorough, so convenient, covered way more than any FA courses I’ve done previously.
(June 2020)

“Could not recommend enough. I’ve taken many other first aid courses this one was top.”

(June 2020)

“Full of common sense and clinical settings elements.

All relevant.”

(June 2020)

“Presenters very knowledgeable & experienced, clinically relevant, it cut out the rubbish”

(June 2020)


  • This course will run in much the same way as a face-to-face course, so you’ll need to be present throughout (don’t worry, we do schedule breaks!)
  • To get your certificate, we have to assess you as competent in the key skills.  To that end, for a short period, YOU WILL NEED ANOTHER PERSON PRESENT in order to practise the recovery position.  A full-size, articulated skeleton can be used, but teddy bears and pets are not a suitable alternative!  Your volunteer will be needed between 11:45 and 12:15.
Does this meet GCC Requirements?
The GCC issued new guidance on the requirement for first aid training for chiropractors in March this year (Guidance on First Aid in Emergencies). The key elements of this are: – You must be competent to recognise and manage emergency situations – You must assess your own first aid training needs. The GCC does NOT specify which course you should attend, nor does it stipulate a particular level of training, although it gives examples of what might be suitable. Will this training satisfy the GCC?  Only you can decide on your own training needs, but we believe strongly that the answer to this question is yes.  If you need help deciding on your training needs (for example, through a first aid risk assessment) contact us – we can talk you through the process. Here’s why we think this course is suitable: It WILL equip you to deal with most first aid situations (the syllabus exceeds that laid down by the Health and Safety Executive for a one-day course). It is tailored to a clinical environment. It is live and supervised.  So as far as it is possible to do so, we will check that you are competent in your skills. You will be able to ask questions of the instructors at any point during the course, unlike other online first aid training Unlike other online courses, we will be able to adequately assess your CPR skills. We have no doubt that this is the best online training available.  It is probably better than most face-to-face courses. We have no doubt that you can justify choosing our online training if called on to do so, and we will support you in defending that position should it ever be required. If you’d like more information about this, please give us a call:  01933 328150


What's the Qualification?

You’ll get an “Emergency First Aid in the Clinic” certificate.  

That’s valid for 3 years, but to help prevent skill-fade during that time, we’ll send you monthly reminders of the skills taught.  

On the back of your certificate, we record all the aspects of first aid that you’ve covered.


What's The Cost?
£84 (including UK VAT) That includes your full-colour handbook and certificate (both sent to you after the course), plus the training materials couriered to and from your location. There is also a fully refundable deposit of £60.  We need you to send back some of the equipment that we provide, and your deposit is refunded as soon as we receive it.


What do I need?

A computer or tablet with a camera – this is an online course, after all! Your device will also need a microphone.

An internet connection, because we’ll be delivering this through Zoom.

A smartphone.  This is in addition to whichever device you are using to attend the course, and it’s an important part of the assessment process.

Another person.  You’re going to have to do some practical, so you’ll need another person to assist between 11:45 and 12:15.  If they can be there at 10:15 for 15 minutes, that’s a bonus, but not essential.

Time.  You will need to commit the whole day to the training.  If we can’t see you through your camera, we won’t be able to issue a certificate.

We’ll let you have a lunchbreak, obviously, but plan to be “in the classroom” from 09:00 to 12:30, and from 13:30 to 16:30.


Why THIS Course?

This course is tailored to clinicians and clinic staff.

The scenarios are based on REAL clinic incidents, or are put into clinical context.

We support you throughout the 3 years of the qualification, including provision of monthly reminder videos to prevent skill-fade.

You’ll leave this course confident in your ability.

 Most of all, this course is FUN (unlike most others!).


What's Covered?

The standard one-day syllabus taught by other providers covers CPR, unconsciousness, choking, bleeding, shock and minor injuries (yes, even “small splinters”!).

This course goes way beyond that.  Our philosophy is that you need to handle whatever crops up next.

Here’s what we teach in addition to the standard, syllabus:

– Anaphylaxis
– Diabetes
– Stroke
– Heart attack
– Epilepsy
– Burns and scalds
– Spinal injuries
– Pneumothorax


What Others Said

“Definitely the best first aid course I’ve attended.  Recommended.” – Kay (Chiropractor) 

“Taught very well – I have retained the information. This is the first time in 30 years!” – Maire (Osteopath)

“Best FA course I’ve attended.  I’d recommend to my colleagues.  – Jonathan (Chiropractor)

“I love Stevens humour! :-), delivery of the course and the way it was summarised in a simple way. I actually “got it” maybe for the first time!” – Heather (Osteopath)

“Steven was a legend – attentive, knowledgeable, down to earth. Came away with more confidence and practical knowledge than any other first aid course.” – Dave (Chiropractor)

“Tailored to the clinic situations, good flow, the speakers were very knowledgeable and experienced.” – Martin (Osteopath)

“Best FA course I’ve attended: Engaging, relevant, on point, well paced and excellent delivery.” – Amanda (Chiropractor)

“None of the fluff you usually get. Knowledgeable and fun delivery which will make it stick in my brain.” – Lisa (Osteopath)

“Ten out of ten for the instructors. Fun, easy to follow, entertaining. – Fiona (Chiropractor)

“Humour helped maintain interest, attention and focus. Fantastic printed materials. Many many thanks to Steven and Malcolm.” – Carmel (Chiropractor)


The Instructors

First off, there are TWO instructors – two voices, double the humour.  That makes the training much more enjoyable. 

One’s a former marine, now an osteopath, the other’s a former paramedic. So they know their stuff!

Neither of them likes to teach “from the book” – all the topics are put into context, explained clearly.  First aid “myths” are exposed and cold-bloodedly slaughtered (the marine does that bit).


82% of students rated this the best first aid course they had attended

“My kids who were with me (9 and 7yo) both were engaged and interested the whole time too 🙂! Great to have the practical stuff sent to us

(June 2020)

Informative and relaxed- feel like I’ll actually remember the first aid taught to me- and hopefully if ever needed be able to apply it without fear

(June 2020)

Loved being in the comfort of my own home – enjoying my own decent coffee ! 
Plus the opportunity to get involved – very entertaining

(June 2020)

“It was fun and very practical.

It was a great opportunity for me to be sure of what I could do in an emergency.

(June 2020)

It was the only way I was ever going to get to actually attend your first aid course so for me I loved it being on line!! Thank you so much!

(June 2020)

“Really enjoyed the course. Best I have been on. Would definitely recommend!”

(May 2020)

All styles of learning included.  Excellently clear.  Best ever.”

(May 2020)

“Interactive, instructive and educational.  Also funny and entertaining”

(May 2020)

Loved the humour – made it so much fun. Seriously guys don’t change the format!!”

(May 2020)

“Despite being online, this was still the best first-aid course I’d ever attended”

(May 2020)

“Covered everything… excellent detail … just the right amount of humour. It was as if we were all in the same room.

(May 2020)

“Lighthearted but still got the message across using clinical scenarios.”

(May 2020)

“Very informative, amusing and not stupidly strict ! You made me feel it was ok to use common sense!

(May 2020)

Presenters were very good. Very animated and stuck to the essentials,”

(May 2020)

Really well taught. Clear advice. It wasn’t boring at all. Did everything that was required.

(May 2020)