What We Do…

In a nutshell...

We deliver your Osteopathic and Chiropractic CPD via the internet (think CPD chat show) which covers both “learning with others” and “Learning by oneself“.
We have a regular schedule of content along with extras which we add in where necessary.


we deliver more than treble the total amount of “Learning With Others”
required each year. That alone is almost double the total amount of CPD you need!


we don’t stop at a huge spectrum of CPD topics. We offer advice on ASA
regulations, GDPR, sales & marketing, staff contracts, websites…the list goes on. We’ve
even negotiated member discounts on clinical equipment, and we’re happy to use our
studio and film gear to make website videos (free of charge) for our members.


we deliver near TV-standard, livestreamed CPD programmes, all fully
interactive (we don’t use webinar software (such as Zoom, or Gotomeeting) for our
main CPD. That’s why we call them “broadcasts”: they’re much higher quality